Help One Family by Protecting Another

Last year I wrote about our amazing experience of helping families in our community through the Christmas Hamper Program with George Jay Elementary School. This made me realize that charity is something we need to incorporate into our day to day business while helping our clients protect themselves and their families.

After watching good friends of mine go through the challenges of having a son diagnosed with cancer at less than a year old I realized that this is something very few people are ever prepared to deal with. During his diagnosis and treatment they spent the better part of a year in Vancouver while he was in BC Children’s Hospital. They even went through the heart wrenching experience of being told he was cancer free only to be forced to go back in a few months when new issues presented themselves, proving the cancer was not yet done wreaking havoc on their lives and the life of their precious little boy.

It’s a crushing thought and one that no parent ever wants to face. But the fact remains... It happens. And there’s no rhyme or reason for who it affects and why. If that was to ever happen, as a parent we would want to be there 100% for our child. Absolutely nothing would be more important! But you have to ask yourself. Could you? Could you really take a year off to be by your child’s side? Your company Disability plan isn’t going to pay you anything, cause you’re not sick. So where would the money come from? Your savings? Your RRSP? The fact is, it won’t matter. Because you’ll do anything you can to be there for them, no matter what it costs.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can be there for your child while still protecting your family from the financial hardship that such an event can place on them. So you can focus on what matters most. Your child’s health and survival. Bringing me back to the beginning... How can we incorporate charity into our day-to-day business at LifePlan?

So as of February 15th, we along with Desjardins Financial Security will be donating 25% of the Annual Premium from all Children’s Harmony & Harmony plans placed in force by April 30th to the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island. By protecting your children and families from the devastation of a Critical Illness, you will be helping other families on Vancouver Island already facing the challenges of having a sick child.

Please help us make a difference! My goal is to raise $2,500. I myself have experienced the amazing difference places funded by this foundation make. My daughter was in Ledger House in 2014 and it saved her life. I would like to now help them so they can continue to help families and children here and on the Island. To learn how you can join in helping other families by protecting yours contact us by Clicking HERE. Advisors & Clients together, we can make a difference.