Millennials (also known as Generation Y) following Generation X. Millennials are sometimes referred to as "echo boomers".  They're living their prime years in a low-growth economy where job security and pensions are no longer givens. It's important for the millennials need financial advice. 

Here are some of the articles from Advisor.ca  "Money tips for millennials" 



Lifeplan Financial is a locally owned Managing General Agency (MGA) in Victoria and we work hard to give advisors the tools they need to succeed across all of British Columbia.  We give our advisors the independence they need with the support they deserve. “Because Your Success… is Our Success.”

    Another Success - Christmas Hampers 2017

    We are happy to announce that when we paired with our sister company PerCuro Clinical Research and this year, we managed to raise $1,770.00 for 4 families in need this year; a new record! This gave us the ability to purchase every child a full outfit along with shoes and a toy or a gift that matched their interests for no less than $50 each. We also were able to increase the value of the gift card for Walmart from $100 to $200!

    Special thanks goes to Gurbinder Amar from Foresters Financial for their corporate contribution!

    Congratulations in being part of a great accomplishment. 

    "Walking in a Winter Water-Land!"

    This year LifePlan Financial and PerCuro Clinical Research Christmas Party was at The Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea! 

    The evening was truly a Winter Water-land! The music of acoustic guitarist, Mr. Brad Prevedoros was beautifully played through-out the evening. The evening included delicious appetizers prepared and catered by Cooks Day Off.

    Many thanks to David and Leeanna Bulinckx for another creative Christmas Party!


    Walkin' in a Winter Water-Land!

    Marilyn Rose is Stepping into Retirement!

    Dear friends, colleagues and family, 

    It is with mixed emotions that I announce Marilyn Rose is retiring from LifePlan Financial Group. Marilyn has always been dedicated, loyal and valuable member of LifePlan team.

    "Marilyn, as a chapter closes in you life and a new one starts for you, may your years be filled with all the little things your're looking forward to! "

    - LifePlan Team

    We wish you a happy retirement!

     David Bulinckx, Marilyn Rose and Leeanna Bulinckx 

    David Bulinckx, Marilyn Rose and Leeanna Bulinckx 

     Thea, Yuee, Brandi, Caitlin, Marilyn and Ariane 

    Thea, Yuee, Brandi, Caitlin, Marilyn and Ariane