So What is a LifePlan Anyway?

A LifePlan is about more than a Financial Plan. It's about YOU... The person. It's about your hopes, your dreams, your fears and the people you love... Not just the numbers. Because Life... Real Life, is about more than just money, mortgage payments, RRSP's and when you're going to retire.


So what else can you do for me?

Here's a few of the innovative strategies our Advisors help their clients implement each and every day:

The Executive Health Plan

This will protect you and your business against the financial pitfalls of a major illness which is a necessary safeguard for any business owner. The other benefit provided by this plan, and the one most of our clients get more excited about, is that if after 15-20 years you've never had to request a Health Payout, you get 100% of the money you and your company deposited into the plan back and into your pocket, personally... TAX FREE!

The Inter-generational Asset Transfer

A plan perfectly designed to help families and business owners transfer the money they've worked so hard for to the next generation and then on to the third generation with little if any taxes. It will also provide a Pension-like income stream during retirement. All while multiplying the total amount passed on to your family.

The Corporate Immediate Finance Arrangement

Your Situation… You need permanent life insurance protection and you also want to accumulate wealth through your investments. So how do you do both? Consider the Immediate Finance Arrangement… With this financial planning strategy, you deposit funds into a permanent life insurance policy. You put more money into the policy than what is required to cover the insurance and other policy costs. This excess creates significant cash value within your policy. This strategy is designed to meet your need for permanent insurance protection while ensuring you also have the investment funds you require. You assign this policy to a bank as collateral for a line of credit and use the borrowed funds to invest in a business or property in order to produce income.

Okay... That's great... But I'm just starting my journey, I have a big mortgage and a family I need to protect. How can you help me?

Don't worry young family... We've got you covered!

Our Advisors start by spending the time needed to get to know you first. By listening and gathering information they gain an understanding of what you and your family want and need. We don't offer a solution without knowing what your concerns are. Insurance is all about protecting against the "What ifs" that are most important to you. So "Needs Based" planning is an important part of how we help our clients.

So we know what's important... Now what?

Here are a few examples of some of the creative planning strategies we can help young families implement, saving them money and stress now and down the road...

Cash Back Mortgage Life Insurance - Why pay for Mortgage Life Insurance when it can pay you?

So picture this... You've been paying your mortgage down diligently for 20 years and you've only got another 5 years or so left. Good days are ahead! Mortgage freedom here I come! Feels pretty good doesn't it?

Well wouldn't it feel even better to just pay off that mortgage RIGHT NOW?? With the right plan today this can stop being a dream and can become a reality. Many of our clients have successfully used this strategy and are now mortgage free. So the question you need to ask yourself is... Do you want to be one of them?

The Life Hedge


Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke... These are just three of the many major illnesses we all hear about on a regular basis. Whether it be friends, family or both, 99% of Canadians know someone who has been affected by Cancer. Now I know no one wants to ever think about themselves as being the one to get cancer, but sticking your head in the sand doesn't make the odds any more favorable. Protect you and your family with a Critical Illness Protection plan with a Life Hedge. So what's a Life Hedge... Think of it as even more incentive to live a healthy life. This way if you never face the challenges of fighting Cancer or surviving a Heart Attack you are rewarded with a lump sum payment equal to every single dollar you've ever paid into your plan. Now I'd say that's even more motivating than a Cross Fit Instructor!

Life Stages - Laddered Term Coverage

Never have to apply for insurance again! One plan for all your life insurance needs for the next 30 years or more. Simple, easy and reliable, with built in flexibility to adapt to whatever life throws at you. But as each part of the plan is fixed only for the period it is required your payments are far lower than a "One-Size-Fits-All" plan.


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